Give the Gift of Knowledge
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Give the Gift of Knowledge
AlKauthar Institute is an Islamic Institute focused on providing students and working professionals Islamic knowledge. We exist to enrich lives through knowledge of the faith, inculcating God consciousness through our students acquiring a better understanding of Allah, and what He wants from them.

AlKauthar Institute operates on a not for profit basis as a waqf and we are led by volunteers and celebrate the fact we accompany our educational expertise with a call to civic action. The true fruit of our intervention is greater God consciousness and service to man. We aim to do this through ensuring a premier learning experience where students gather in an environment conducive to genuinely learning, materials that aid comprehension and teachers that genuinely teach.We aim to provide the best learning experience in the world for our students.

Students of AlKauthar Institute have helped launched numerous beneficial projects around the world including National Zakat Foundation, Charity Right, Clothes4Dawah, NISA Helpline, Ramadan TV, Mercy Mission Madinah, ShelterTrust.

Volunteering is an Investment

"It was my life changing experience..."

I attended my first AlKauthar course back in 2010, looking back it has reshaped my thoughts to pave way for Islam as my guidance in life - Abdussamad (AlKauthar Toronto)

"Perspective on Life Changes"

My perspective on life changes and I realise the triviality of my worries and concerns and truly long to be reunited with the pursuit of such inspiring knowledge - Joumana (AlKauthar Sydney)
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